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unban me thanks

  1. S

    [BANNED] Snaaxie

    Hello, i got banned from fireon after weeks of playing and many of the admins spectated me and there wasnt any problems, after a while when i reached top 2 some admins that speculated that i cheated but they didnt have concrete evidence. Today i basically got banned because i shot a guy through...
  2. A


    ** ADMIN : xpc ** TIMP : [19/11/2021] - [10:13:28] && SERVER : WEST.FIREON.RO | DEATHMATCH CSDM ** NUMELE TAU : ArkosZ || IP : && STEAM : STEAM_0:1:463623231 ** POSTEAZA POZELE PE PENTRU DEBANARE! /MOR/vianna killed kLEOO with awp Kicked :"Check Console. aim...
  3. spawn

    unban me plz

    HI, nick name : spawn abidi steam ID : STEAM_0:0:12284955 ban for : no wargods date : 17/11/2021 admin : Ra's Al Ghul server : WEST.FIREON.RO | DEATHMATCH CSDM link : sorry I take a while to answer ingame because plays without sound and in...
  4. R

    West ⚜ UNBANNED

    Admin fara experienta........ ** ADMIN : EeXtAzY ** TIMP : [09/11/2021] - [17:22:34] && SERVER : WEST.FIREON.RO | DEATHMATCH CSDM ** NUMELE TAU : removE // 1G || IP : && STEAM : STEAM_0:1:154706990 ** POSTEAZA POZELE PE PENTRU DEBANARE! *** [GoldBoost]...
  5. N

    Am luat ban pe nedrept

    Am dat headshot prin perete la nimereala si am luat ban .
  6. spawn

    West ⚜ UNBANNED

    Hello, I was banned from the server for cheat, I do not use any cheat and I have my wargod to prove it Spawn abidi STEAM_0:0:12284955 banned by ADMIN : FURRYZOR link wargods : link screen :

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