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Game Description & Grand Open


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Grand Open 19.06.2021 13:00 PM GMT+1 (London)
Game Information
Mu FireON
Experience: x9999
Drop: 85%
Reset on spot
Grand Reset: 55, VIP 45
Reward: 10k wcoin, VIP 15k.
Unlimited Reset
Exchange WCoin to WcoinP
Boss Hunting Selupan,Medusa,Nix,Ferea,Erohim Drops F.O Items Random.
Online Rewards ON
Active In-Game Events
Auto receive Freebies SET F.O+15+Wings+Pet
10k Stats Point
Play to win and not pay to win.
Castel Siege Every Saturday GMT+1 (London) With generous rewards, drop ancient+f.o random.
Socketed Items in X-Shop for every class.
Rare Loots in Boss Monster
Rare items in every boxes
Open Trade to other player
Spots in Every Map
Default Chaos Machine Rate
Commands in game
/move - To a map.
/post - Post Global Message
/s - Add Points Strenght
/a - Add Points Agility
/v - Add Points Vitality
/e - Add Points Energy
/c - Add Points Command
/pk - Clear PK
/zen - Have how much zen you want :)
/evo - Evolution your Class :)
/exchangewpp - Exchange Wcoin to WcoinP
/reset - Reset your character
/mreset - Master Reset
/re - Request System - /re on, off, auto
/clearinv - Clear your inventory
/marry - Marry to a player.
/ware - Open your werehouse
/changename - Change Character Name
/readd - Readd your status
/remaster - Readd your master status
/reset auto - Auto Reset.
Buy VIP In-game for extra exp & drop rate and some more benefits exlusive for VIP Members.
Come and Join us in Mu FireON.
Best Regards,
Mu FireOn Team
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