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Promote Advertising Video Event!


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Good Day to all MuFireOn Players!
We at the staff have decided to add this event:

------Promote Advertising Video Event!------

I will explain the Rules For this.
All you have to do is to make a Video Presentation all About of the Server and etc,example:
-you have to create a video presentation of the server, where you have to show:
1- PVP fight
2- Events
3- Webshop
4-Shops in game
5-Maps,exp for lvl up

6-How the server work etc etc..

Note: Dont Forget to put the SERVER INFO in the video Description. ,(exp , season , ep , max lvl/stats,link website,download,rate drop etc etc etc)

And later you need to publish this video on YouTube and consequently share it to any kind of Groups like FB Groups ,MuOnline ADS or whatever is that.(ps: you need to post your video as proof here in this thread)

Most Viewed Video will be the Winner of this Event.
There will be
3 winners with 3 different prizes:

1st Place :1 set from webshop of your choice
2nd Place :20k Credits
3rd Place :10k Credits

Event Start Now 23-04-2020 and will End until 15-05-2020 at 18:00 GMT +1 Local Hour

GoodLuck to all

Gazduire Servere Jocuri | Servere Dedicate | Webhost
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