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Manager Server CS 1.6
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Admin Regulation


1) Respect the players!
2) Show common sense!
3) The admins are the image of the server. Be a model for the players!
4) The maps are selected for vote no earlier than 5 min. ! Exception: If there are too few or too many players for the map played at that time.
5) It is strictly forbidden to use commands on other admins!
Note: Even if an admin plays dishonestly you are obliged to demo it and report it to the Owners or Founders!
6) Do not use the admin to your advantage (abuse of the access - by threats made against other players / admins).
7) Admins have the obligation to monitor the proper functioning of the server and the most important thing is to track players suspected of cheats. Admins who continue to play instead of dealing with this issue and who ignore players complaints about "cheating" will be considered an action to the detriment of the server and will be sanctioned accordingly.
8) In case of conflicts inside the admins collective, you are obliged to resolve them on the forum in the Admins Only!
9) Inactivity of more than one unannounced week leads to degradation, in case you are absent for more than 3-4 days, please announce on the forum the date of your absence.
10) It is forbidden to give your private admin password to other people. Detecting this fact leads to removing the access!
11) Do not use CHEATS!
12) Vip / Admin requests will be commented by all staff.
13) Once you have given BAN to a player you are automatically responsible for your deed. If you ban someone you have 24 hours to respond to his unban request / complaint, otherwise you will be warned. Later access will be lifted!
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Players Regulation

1) It is strictly forbidden to use CHEATS! - Permanent Ban!
2) It is forbidden to ask for explanations from the admins! - gag / kick / ban 120 min / Permanent.
3) Don't stress the admins! - gag / kick / ban 120 min / Permanent.
4) Inappropriate language and vulgar expressions are forbidden! - gag / kick / ban 120 min - 2 days / Permanent.
5). Do not use the microphone during the game! - gag / kick / ban 120 min / Permanent.

Players are obliged to comply with the rules imposed by the Server Administration. In case of non-compliance, players will be punished in accordance with the Regulations in force! (The penalties are outlined above.)

If you find that one of the admins violates the Rules, please report it on the forum to the "Complaints" section with conclusive evidence. Attention: If the complainant does not present evidence, his claim will not be considered.

Having this said, we wish you a great online gaming experience on WEST.FIREON.RO !

Have fun!
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