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  1. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 10/21/2021

    [STOCKHOLM 2021 CS:GO MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP] – The “Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass” and the “Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass + 3 Souvenir Tokens” are now available for purchase. 50% of the proceeds go to the teams and organizations taking part in the PGL Stockholm 2021 CS:GO Major Championship. – With a...
  2. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 10/15/2021

    [ MISC ] – Fixed a bug where water footstep sounds would emit from spectating players’ death locations. (thanks /u/birkir and others on reddit) – Bots will be able to open more Danger Zone doors. – Stability improvements. [ MAPS ] Ancient – Fixed pixel gap through scaffolding near B Basalt –...
  3. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 10/7/2021

    [MUSIC KITS] – Added the bbno$ – u mad! Music Kit, available in regular and StatTrak™ versions [GAMEPLAY] – Danger Zone — Respawning players are no longer able to select respawn locations that should have been prohibited by the spawnmask map — Smoothed camera motion when using ExoJump [MISC] –...
  4. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 9/23/2021

    [MISC] – Fixed crash that would sometimes occur when users would play Danger Zone multiple times in a row. – The giant X on the ground at the bombsite for Week 1 Guardian Mission It’s Raining Sharks will no longer disappear. – Removed cl_forcepreload and the client launch option preload; these...
  5. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Introducing Operation Riptide

    Introducing Operation Riptide, featuring new maps, an overhauled mission system, new ways to play your favorite game modes–from Private Queues to shorter Competitive matches–and more! Complete your weekly missions and choose from a variety of rewards including new agents, weapon collections...
  6. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] 2021 Community Sticker Capsule

    Today we are shipping the 2021 Community Sticker Capsule, featuring 21 unique stickers from various Community Workshop artists. Whether you are trying to make it look “EZ” or telling your teammates “This Is Fine”, there’s a sticker for everyone.
  7. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 9/9/2021

    [ STORE ] – Added the 2021 Community Sticker Capsule featuring a variety of stickers from Community Workshop artists.
  8. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 8/17/2021

    [ UI ] – Added 2-letter region codes to Looking to Play, Invites, and Watch Events panels. – Added 2-letter language codes to Watch Stream panel.
  9. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Jurnalul actualizării din 12 august 2021

    [PACHETE MUZICALE] – A fost adăugată cutia „Tacticians” cu pachete muzicale. Aceasta este disponibilă în două variante, una normală și una StatTrak™, și conține unul dintre cele 6 pachete muzicale: —- Austin Wintory, Mocha Petal —- Chipzel, ~Yellow Magic~ —- Freaky DNA, Vici —- Jesse Harlin...
  10. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 7/27/2021

    [Maps] – Calavera — Added more contrast to the door texture to make it stand out more (thanks TheWarOwl and Quoting) — Moved ladder at T-stairs slightly to make going up more smooth — Various fixes to pixel gaps and clipping that no one will even notice or care about [MISC] – Stability...
  11. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 6/3/2021

    [NON-PRIME] – Non-Prime status accounts will no longer earn XP, Ranks, Skill Groups, item drops, or Prime status through play time. – Non-Prime accounts will not be able to participate in Ranked matches. – Non-Prime accounts will not be able to activate Bonus Rank XP items and can no longer...
  12. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Jurnalul actualizării din 27 mai 2021

    [ DIVERSE ] – S-a adăugat opțiunea „2” pentru sv_damage_print_enable. Atunci când această opțiune este activată, informațiile cu privire la răni vor fi afișate numai după terminarea rundei. – Pozițiile antrenorilor sunt acum salvate în fișierele de rezervă ale rundelor. – S-a remediat o problemă...
  13. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 5/13/2021

    [CSGO 360 STATS] – Adjusted the calculation for the weapon performance category score. [MISC] – Fixed a case where players would receive duplicate warnings about launching in untrusted mode. [MAPS] Ancient -Implemented Cubby 2.0 in mid connector to A, to remove cheap shoulder angle towards...
  14. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 5/6/2021

    [ CS:GO 360 STATS ] – Updated heatmap images for calavera, grind, mocha, and pitstop [ MISC ] – Removed option to look for nearby players for Guardian Missions – Security and stability improvements [ MAPS ] Ancient – Updated minimap image Pitstop – Latest version from workshop
  15. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 5/3/2021

    [ OPERATION BROKEN FANG ] – Operation Broken Fang has come to an end. Players who have unredeemed operation stars will have until May 15th to claim their operation rewards. – Introducing CS:GO 360 Stats – A subscription service for players that want to continue collecting official Competitive...
  16. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 4/16/2021

    [STORE] – Items purchased from the in-game store will not be tradable/marketable for one week. – Operation Cases redeemed as an operation reward will not be tradable/marketable for one week. – Items received from market-restricted containers will continue to be sellable immediately on the Steam...
  17. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Strike Now!

    All 16 Operation Broken Fang mission cards have been released, including the final Strike mission! But don’t worry if you can’t get everything done this week, you still have until April 30th to earn your stars. Music Kits Today we’re shipping three new Music Kits. Scarlxrd (CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT)...
  18. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 3/18/2021

    [ STORE ] – Owners of Hades on Steam, after they accrue sufficient playtime in the game, will receive The Hades Music Kit in CS:GO. – Two new music kits – “The Lowlife Pack” by Neck Deep, and “CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT” by Scarlxrd – are now available for purchase in-game. – Added the Poorly Drawn...
  19. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 3/15/2021

    [ MISC ] – Fixed “env_fade” entities for “only triggering player” configuration. – Added vscript function ScriptTraceLinePlayersIncluded. [ MAPS ] Updated Guard to the most recent workshop – Fixed boost spot on arches (Thanks @FilyandraXBL) – Fixed nodraw behind CT Spawn (Thanks Mii Fanboy) –...
  20. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 3/1/2021

    [ Misc ] – Fixed a bug that allowed enemy players to spawn outside of their spawn location. – Fixed a case where players would see a second bomb in retakes mode. – Fixed some cases where dropped weapons exited the play area.
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