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  1. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 8/1/2022

    [ MISC ] – Multiple changes to the competitive matchmaking algorithm, which will require Skill Groups to be recalibrated for accuracy. Your Skill Group will not be visible until you win your next match. – Game instructor should now correctly reload saved state if it is disabled and re-enabled. –...
  2. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 6/15/2022

    [GAMEPLAY] – Reduced the M4A1-S magazine size to 20 bullets, with 80 in reserve. [MAPS] Ancient: -Remove cratestack outside of “cave” location -Fixed pixelgap from inside “cave” towards T mid -Fixed ground clipping bugs in mid causing players to go slightly airborne -Smoothed out ground outside...
  3. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 5/3/2022

    [ANTWERP 2022 CS:GO MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP] – The “Antwerp 2022 Viewer Pass” and the “Antwerp 2022 Viewer Pass + 3 Souvenir Tokens” are now available for purchase. 50% of the proceeds go to the players, teams, and organizations taking part in the PGL Antwerp 2022 CS:GO Major Championship. – With a...
  4. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 4/25/2022

    [MISC] -Miscellaneous improvements to better support Steam Input (Glyph Fixes). -Buy Menu can be more easily navigated with Controller. Uses a two-stage radial system. Initial deflection selects category. Sweeping motion selects item in category. Deadzone to exit category. Release the Buy Menu...
  5. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 3/28/2022

    [MAPS] Ember: – Removed old clips on stairs at Rock Pool B – Replaced stairs at Rock Pool B with new metal stairs – Fixed loads of minor bugs (thanks Joaokaka1998) – Geyser west of ruins now pushes the player upwards with less force – Added more spawn drops around Lighthouse area – The...
  6. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 3/14/2022

    [ MAPS ] Crete – Lowered window through site. – Blocked one of the windows at top of mid. – Raised planks on dropdown route. – Fixed various bomb stuck spots and pixel boosts. – New sun angle. Iris – Reduced window height on Heaven B-site. – The glass window in the office is smaller. – Moved...
  7. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 3/1/2022

    [MAPS] Ember: – Dramatically increased FPS by roughly 30-50% in most areas – Changed spawn selection and loading screen image designs – Revamped spawn selection location names – Fixed radar alignment for spectators – Elevator no longer kills you when stood underneath the doors – Items can now...
  8. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 2/21/2022

    [OPERATION RIPTIDE] – Operation Riptide has come to an end. Players who have unredeemed operation stars will have until March 27th to claim their operation rewards. – All game modes introduced during Operation Riptide remain available. [MAPS] – Basalt, Insertion II, Ravine, Extraction, and...
  9. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 2/17/2022

    [ STEAM INPUT / CONTROLLER ] Note to controller users: Please be sure to re-apply default settings from the Controller Configuration menu in the Steam Overlay. – Various default binding changes for controllers only. Quick Buy radial menus are triggered with the D-Pad and Bumper Buttons while the...
  10. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 2/1/2022

    [ GAMEPLAY ] – In Short Competitive Matches, increased the initial round loss streak to 2 to reduce the economic impact of pistol rounds. [ STORE ] – Added The Boardroom Sticker Capsule, now available for purchase in-game. [ MISC ] – Fixed a player spawn bug in competitive mode. – cl_showpos...
  11. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 1/20/2022

    [ THE DREAMS & NIGHTMARES CASE ] – Introducing the Dreams & Nightmares Case featuring the winning 17 community-designed weapon finishes. [ MISC ] – Updated colors of Operation Riptide Diamond Coin model. [ MAPS ] Insertion 2 – Replaced weird tree boost spot next to orange building(next to...
  12. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 1/17/2022

    [GENERAL] – Fixed Hammer crash on startup when not logged into Steam. – Fixed input delay after closing radial menu. [STEAM INPUT] – FlickStick mode is now enabled in Options > Controller, as opposed to the SteamInput Configurator. Bind your Right Stick (or preferred aiming stick) to “Joystick...
  13. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] 2022 Service Medal

    Ring in the new year with the 2022 Service Medal, available starting January 1st. When you reach Global General (Rank 40), you’ll have the option to reset your Profile Rank and earn (or upgrade) a 2022 Service Medal. The 2022 Service Medal is an inspectable display item that will be visible...
  14. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 12/10/2021

    [MISC] – Integrated latest Steamworks SDK. – Adjusted Flashbang Dance Music Kit MVP anthem. – Fixed an exploit related to muting opponents. – Various adjustments to controller support. [MAPS] County – Fixed issue where players would spawn outside of playable area on warmup – Fixed floating...
  15. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 10/21/2021

    [STOCKHOLM 2021 CS:GO MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP] – The “Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass” and the “Stockholm 2021 Viewer Pass + 3 Souvenir Tokens” are now available for purchase. 50% of the proceeds go to the teams and organizations taking part in the PGL Stockholm 2021 CS:GO Major Championship. – With a...
  16. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 10/15/2021

    [ MISC ] – Fixed a bug where water footstep sounds would emit from spectating players’ death locations. (thanks /u/birkir and others on reddit) – Bots will be able to open more Danger Zone doors. – Stability improvements. [ MAPS ] Ancient – Fixed pixel gap through scaffolding near B Basalt –...
  17. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 10/7/2021

    [MUSIC KITS] – Added the bbno$ – u mad! Music Kit, available in regular and StatTrak™ versions [GAMEPLAY] – Danger Zone — Respawning players are no longer able to select respawn locations that should have been prohibited by the spawnmask map — Smoothed camera motion when using ExoJump [MISC] –...
  18. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Release Notes for 9/23/2021

    [MISC] – Fixed crash that would sometimes occur when users would play Danger Zone multiple times in a row. – The giant X on the ground at the bombsite for Week 1 Guardian Mission It’s Raining Sharks will no longer disappear. – Removed cl_forcepreload and the client launch option preload; these...
  19. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] Introducing Operation Riptide

    Introducing Operation Riptide, featuring new maps, an overhauled mission system, new ways to play your favorite game modes–from Private Queues to shorter Competitive matches–and more! Complete your weekly missions and choose from a variety of rewards including new agents, weapon collections...
  20. AZzeL

    [CS:GO] 2021 Community Sticker Capsule

    Today we are shipping the 2021 Community Sticker Capsule, featuring 21 unique stickers from various Community Workshop artists. Whether you are trying to make it look “EZ” or telling your teammates “This Is Fine”, there’s a sticker for everyone.

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